Friday, September 21, 2012

Time Warner Cable Is Now Carring the NFL Package

After a long waited drawn out battle since 2003, Time Warner Cable and NFL Network Finally made a deal. They struck a multi-year deal with the National Football League to carry the NFL Network and the RedZone channel. The channels will be available on Sunday 9/23/2012 on channels 355 and 356. If you dont have Time Warner Cable you will have to get one of Time Warner Cable Tiers to see the NFL Channels. They Have the Sports Tier and they have the Variety Tier. Picking one of tiers will allow you to see the NFL channels. 

On a side note for all you Laker fans out there ,Time Warner Cable is releasing  its first regional sports channels in the Los Angeles area. It spent around $2 billion to outbid Fox Sports for the local rights to air Los Angeles Lakers basketball games and will launch an English-language network and a Spanish-language network on Oct 1.

If Time Warner Cable does not reach agreements by Oct 7, Millions of Los Angeles residents could be shut out from watching Lakers games. So either alot of Laker fans will be switching to Time Warner Cable or the Bars are going to be full of people watching the Laker game only time will tell

If you didnt know the NFL Network is one of the most expensive networks, but still in the lead is, Disney's ESPN, which charges $5.15 per subscriber per month.NFL and Time Warner Cable declined to speak about programming fees.

Reported By: JustSaying 

Posted on 9/21/12